What Questions Should You Ask Bookkeepers Melbourne During The Interview?

You have been thinking of hiring bookkeepers Melbourne for a while now and have gotten it narrowed down to two but what next? Well, it’s wise to interview each potential candidate so that you can see the people who will be handling your books in person and can feel happy with them too. If you are not happy with a bookkeeper you cannot really let them handle the books as you don’t have the trust in them. However, interviewing the bookkeepers can be a little odd to some and it’s hard to know what to ask when handling an interview for the very first time. So, what questions should you ask a potential bookkeeper?

How Long Have You Been A Bookkeeper?

Everyone has their opinions over how experienced bookkeepers should be but it’s still an important question to ask. If you are looking for someone with a particularly long history within this industry you really need to ensure you ask how long they’ve been a bookkeeper and who they have worked for in the past. This will give you an idea of who they are and the type of experience they have also. If they’ve been in the bookkeeping business for less than a year and you wanted someone with a little more experience that would make a big difference. Bookkeepers Melbourne can vary considerably in terms of their experience so ask the question.

How Much Do You Charge?

It’s necessary to know what prices you’ll be faced with when it comes to using their services. Do not settle for rough estimates or guess work as that isn’t going to help you. You always need to ask about the costs and ensure you get an honest and upfront answer as it’ll help you decide on hiring an individual. If you find one set of prices are far too costly you can later explain to the bookkeeper as to why you weren’t able to choose them. However, you can also put across your views on cost and tell them what your bottom line is. Costs must be discussed.

Do You Have A Reference?

For experienced bookkeepers, they ideally should have several references in which they can provide. For newcomers that is a bit different simply because they haven’t been in this field long. Now, as said, it’s your choice whether you are looking for a highly experienced individual or otherwise but it’s necessary to ask for references. If you’re interviewing experienced bookkeepers Melbourne with a track record within this field, they should have at least one reference to give. If someone is sceptical about handing over a reference, you must be wary. It’s different when the person is new to the field but otherwise it’s suspicious.

What Made You Leave Your Last Posting?

Why did you leave your last job? It’s a straightforward question and one you should know. There are a dozen reasons why someone may want to look for another job such as moving to a new location, they were let-go, made redundant or simply fired. Now, it’s important to get a feel for the person so that you are happy with them and trust them. This can be a simple but very important question to ask a potential new bookkeeper. When you know a few things you can gage the person and feel comfortable with them too.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Interviewing a bookkeeper is vital and yet there are thousands who do not ask the right questions to their potential new bookkeeper. It’s crazy because you wouldn’t think people would be so afraid to ask a few questions and you shouldn’t be. If you don’t ask, you don’t know and that could put your business on the right track. Ask bookkeepers Melbourne questions and be happy with the one you choose.

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